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What Is Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproduction where a woman (the surrogate) agrees to carry and give birth to a child for another person or couple (the intended parents). There are two main types of surrogacy: traditional surrogacy, where the surrogate is also the biological mother of the child because her egg is used in the process; and gestational surrogacy, where the egg comes from the intended mother or an egg donor, meaning the child is not genetically related to the surrogate. Surrogacy provides a means for individuals and couples to have a child when they are unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy to term on their own, due to health issues, infertility, or other reasons. It involves legal agreements to ensure the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved are clearly defined and protected.

Surrogacy Services at SJS IVF

At SJS IVF, we embody hope and expert care, guiding both individuals and couples through their journey to becoming parents with our comprehensive surrogacy services.

Our IVF Services In Jalandhar

Surrogate Partnering

Our dedicated team meticulously selects a surrogate who aligns with your values and aspirations, ensuring a harmonious match for your journey.

Comprehensive Medical and Legal Assistance

We offer unparalleled medical and legal support, navigating you through the surrogacy process with ease and confidence.

Emotional and Counseling Support

Understanding the emotional complexities involved, our compassionate team offers counseling and support to both the intended parents and surrogates, fostering a supportive atmosphere.

Advanced Medical Facilities

Experience the advantage of our advanced medical technologies and superior facilities designed for your comfort and care.

Open and Honest Communication

Communication is key to our services. We ensure clear, open dialogue throughout your journey, keeping you well-informed and connected.

Our Success Stories

Over 2,000 Heartwarming Success Stories from SJS IVF: We are immensely proud and grateful to have played a pivotal role in helping countless couples achieve their cherished dream of parenthood.

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Very good hospital and thanks to all of them, we are blessed with a son today. We are very thankful to them and we like the staff and other facilities here.❤️😊
hardeep kaur
hardeep kaur
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I'm very happy with the services of sjs hospital..Dr antarpuneet and staff are very good and experienced
Suraj Pandey
Suraj Pandey
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Researched a lot and found positive results and a ray of hope here in SJS hospital.

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